Desoto Dance Web Photo 2969Following are answers to many of your questions.  If you don’t see what you are looking for please call, email, or stop by for more information!

Progression Levels:

“1” Beginner; “2” Intermediate; “3” Advanced;  “9” Teen/Adult

Class Ages:

KinderBallet:  Ages 4-5; CreativeBallet: Ages 6-7;  Acrobatics:  Ages 4-Adult;  Tap:  Ages 6-Adult;  Ballet, Jazz: Ages 8-adult;  Modern, HipHop, Conditioning: Ages10-adult.

 Fees and Tuition:

Annual Registration per student – $60 karate – $20 dance

Recital Fee per family – $70 dance only

Tuition –

1 class per family per week – $65/mo

2 classes per family per week – $110/mo

3 or more classes per family per week – add $30 per class per month.

Company Members – $60 per month

  Please see below for more payment information.

 Classes begin Monday August 24 and end Saturday June 5.

Holidays(no classes):  Sep 7 Labor Day, Nov 24-27 Thanksgiving, Dec 21-Jan 1 Winter Break, Mar 14-18 Spring Break.

 Recital 2016

The Spring Recital in Sunday June 5 at 3pm; Dress rehearsal Saturday June 4 from 2-6pm. Both At Red Oak High School.

Recital 2017

The Spring Recital for 2017 is Sunday June 4; Dress Rehearsal Saturday June 3.

Dress Code

  Several times throughout the year, students of DeSoto Dance Academy have the opportunity to perform at various functions.  At these times, students are to wear specific colors.  KinderBallet – pink leotard, white dance skirt, pink footless tights, bare feet.  CreativeBallet – black leotard, pink dance skirt, pink footless tights, bare feet.  Ballet – all levels, black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and dance skirts; pink for levels 1&2, black for 3&9.  Tap, Jazz, Modern, Acrobatics, HipHop – black leotard (or pink, if you are in KinderBallet) with black dance pants (bikecrop, ankle, or jazz style), black tap $ jazz shoes, bare feet for acrobatics and madern.  Boys and men – black or white T-shirt with black dance pants, black shoes (if applicable). 

  Otherwise, throughout the year IN the classroom students wear the same as stated above, but may vary the colors; ballet skirts are optional.  All female students must have hair fixed in a bun, braid, or somehow neatly fixed away form the face and off the neck; male students with long hair: ponytail.


  Registration and Recital fees must be paid at the time of registering for classes and are collected just once per school year.   These fees are non-refundable.  The Registration fees help to cover the administration costs throughout the year.  The Recital fee helps to pay for the extra costs of the recital, such as the facility rental, programs, sound and light technicians, and allows you to invite and unlimited number of friends and family to the recital at no extra charge. 

  The recital fee, however, does not include the cost of costumes.

  Tuition is priced per school year based on the registered number of classes per week per family;  refer to the  current class schedule for the tuition price list.  Payments may be made by check, money order, or cash, and may be paid in installments though payments must be made in advance of classes taken (if by cash, be sure to place the amount in a sealed envelope identifying yourself and the fees paid).

Returned check to a bank fee; late payments are subject to a late fee.  Other expenses throughout the year include: 

Costumes – generally average about $50/student/class with full payments due by March 1st.

Pictures – optional, taken in the spring, priced as per the photographer.

Recital DVD – optional, paid to DeSoto Dance Academy in May.

A la carte classes, $18 each.

Missed Classes are recommended to be made up in another class, space available, within two weeks of the missed class(es).dance shots with guest photog_2125

Withdrawal Policy is to give WRITTEN NOTICE to DeSoto Dance Academy to  avoid being charged the full tuition.  Prorated tution is due through the month of the date of the received written notice.


Parent, especially grandparents, are welcome to observe classes any time.

 Students, please wear a cover-up over your dance clothes to and from class.

No smoking in the facility.  No playing in the parking lot – it is dangerous.Holidays -please refer to the school year class schedule.  We do have classes on Monday holidays except for Labor Day (no class).



  We offer experienced, professional, caring instruction in Ballet, Acrobatics, Tap, Modern, and Jazz from beginner through professional level.