Guide for Choosing Dance Classes

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Guidelines for Class Recommendations

Please consider all dance forms appropriate for your age &level, as one compliments the other.

If for the school year you are:

4-5rs old, recommended classes are: KinderBallet, Acrobatics, and KB-Acro Combo

6-7 yrs old, recommended classes are: CreativeBallet, Acrobatics, Tap, and Combos of these.

If you have never had any dance training and, for the school year are:

At least 8 yrs old, consider: Level 1 for Ballet, Tap, Acrobatics, Jazz, and Combos of these.

At leDesoto Dance Web Photos_1116ast 10 yrs old, consider: Level 1 of all the dance forms

At least 12 yrs old, consider: Level 1 &/or 9 of all the dance forms

If you have completed a level of training, you may advance to the next level in each dance form. 

Level 9 is designated for Teens & Adults at a beginner to intermediate level.

If you are having scheduling problems, please call the studio. New classes may be added as needs arise. 214-643-2620